Providers - Improving Patient Communications and Satisfaction

On the front lines of the medical / healthcare system, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other medical providers are becoming increasingly squeezed by insurers, Medicare, and the government, and are expected every day to do more with less.

Worse – patients seem to be getting more difficult to deal with every day. They are non-compliant, uninsured, take too much time, or show up with stacks of Internet research findings.  They never used to complain.  Now it seems they don’t stop.

Then along come “patient satisfaction scores” – as if providers don’t have enough challenges.  Yet, they have no choice but to deal with patient satisfaction, because whether or not they can continue to practice, or even stay in business, will be partially dependent on the feedback received from patients.

Perhaps most frustrating of all is that if the system didn’t work the way it does, then patient satisfaction would always be your among providers’ first considerations. That’s one of the important reasons they chose careers in medicine to begin with.

Trisha may be able to help.  Here’s how:

For her entire career, first as a classroom teacher, then later as a marketer, Trisha’s work has always focused on communication. Now, as Every Patient’s Advocate, and based on the work and resources she has developed since 2004, Trisha has been able to create tools and tactics that help all participants in healthcare better understand each others challenges, and therefore improve their communications, satisfaction and outcomes using those tools and tactics.

Included in those tools are ways providers can better communicate with their patients, and ways they can help their patients better communicate with them.  The focus is on understanding each other’s challenges, then using that understanding to improve satisfaction.

Ready to take advantage of Trisha’s ability to help you?

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