If you are a patient or health advocate, a medical provider, caregiver or a patient (who isn't?), I'm glad you stopped by.
Since 2004 I have been passionate about improving patients' outcomes as they navigate the debacle that is American healthcare.
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Empowering Patients and Caregivers

Empowering Patients & Caregivers to Improve Their Medical Outcomes

Trisha Torrey has been Every Patient’s Advocate since her misdiagnosis experience in 2004. Since then her work has focused on patients, their access to good and decent care, their experiences with the healthcare system, and their health and medical outcomes.

Empowering Health and Patient Advocates and Navigators

Empowering Health & Patient Advocates to Improve Service to Patients and Caregivers

As the American healthcare system has become increasingly difficult to navigate, and as patients’ fears and frustrations have continued to grow, we’ve begun to see the rise of a new form of healthcare provider – private, independent, professional patient advocates.

Empowering Providers to Improve Communications and Patient Satisfaction

Empowering Providers to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Engagement

On the front lines of the medical / healthcare system, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other medical providers are becoming increasingly squeezed by insurers, Medicare, and the government, and are expected every day to do more with less.