newsmediaLinked below are the various media where Trisha has been interviewed and quoted.

These articles do not include her own writing. Find Trisha’s articles linked from her resumé.

2019 red line

Health Leaders Media
Part I: Happy patient, happy hospital: increase patient engagement with advocates

Part II: Empower Patients, Get Paid: Welcoming Advocates in Your Hospital

The Epoch Times
Check Your Medical Records For Dangerous Errors
The Richmond News
Losing Faith in Medicine
The People’s Pharmacy (radio podcast)
Should You Fire Your Doctor?
Business Alabama
Pioneering Private Patient Advocates
Bottom Line Health
Can a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Cover for a Doctor?

2018 red line

Indianapolis Business Journal
New rule will make hospitals list prices, but what patients pay could differ greatly
HBO Vice News
How Patient Advocates Become Certified
Philadelphia Tribune
How to check your medical records for dangerous errors
US News
What to Do When Your Doctor Leaves Your Health Plan
5280 (Denver)
Who Helps Patients When Medical Bills Pile Up?

2017 red line

Today Show (NBC)
When the doctor is wrong: What you need to know about a misdiagnosis
How a Patient Advocate Helps You Navigate the Medical System
Prevention Magazine
Wrong! (no link available – print only)
Globe and Mail
Patients resort to paying consultants to help navigate Canada’s Byzantine health-care system

2016 red line

New York Times
Patient Advocates Help Navigate Health Care
Bottom Line
Smart Ways to Go Online for a Second opinion
OWN – Oprah Network on the Huffington Post
5 Red Flags To Watch For When You See A New Doctor
The Whole Scoop
(Radio – with Carole Farace)
The Importance of Health Care Advocacy… You Need Someone On YOUR SIDE!

2015 red line

US News & World Report
When a Free Checkup Isn’t Really Free (Confusion Surrounds Free Obamacare Preventive Screening Visits)
Senior Care Authority
Prepare For Our Future Healthcare System
Skaneateles (NY) Journal
Leaving a legacy: Elizabeth Cady Stanton reenactor, patient advocate discuss trailblazing paths
Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch
Patients turn to private advocates to navigate medical system and
What to ask when hiring a private patient advocate
Chicago Tribune
Private patient advocates a growing trend in health care
Washington Post
Check your health records: You may be able to avoid trouble.
Bottom Line Health
The New Support Group
The New York Times
Doctors as Advocates for Family Leave?
Breast Cancer Social Media #BCSM
Taking Control of Your Breast Cancer Treatment Journey
Interview: Trisha, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Patients Getting Outside Advice (story about private patient advocates)

2014 red line

Arthritis Management
Patient Advocates for Hire
Signs It’s Time to Change Doctors
Bottom Line Health
4 Secrets to Avoiding a Misdiagnosis
US News & World Report
A Patient’s Guide to Second Opinions
A Empowering Patients
US News & World Report
Hospital of Yesterday: The Biggest Changes in Health Care
US News & World Report
10 Lessons from Empowered Patients: It’s your body – your tests, your treatment
US News & World Report
Hospital Discharges – You’ve Been Discharged – Now What?
and 12 Questions to Ask Before Discharge
Navigating Medical Care – Patient Advocates Provide Care and Assistance for Those Who Need Help
Bottom Line Health
Unconventional Wisdom: 4 Secrets to Avoiding a Misdiagnosis
Healthcare IT News
Connecting to Health via Social Media
US News & World Report
Managing the Power Dynamic Between Doctors and Patients
US News & World Report
Does Your Doctor Feel More Like a Medical Clerk?
Long Island Business News
Feds supersede states on lab test results
Long Island Conference on Diagnostic Error Spotlights Need for Healthcare System Reform and Patient Empowerment
Consumer Reports
How to turn your passion into a paycheck
USA Today
Do you check online doctor ratings? 1 in 4 consumers do
Do You Need a Patient Advocate?
Epoch Times
Is Your Illness Real or Imagined?
Women’s Health Network (Better Bones video)
Advice from Patient Advocate Trisha Torrey

2013 red line

Examiner Politics
Relax. Obamacare won’t bring beheadings to U.S.
CNN Empowered Patient
Trusting her intuition led to two cancer misdiagnoses
Times Union (Albany NY) Health Life
Patient Power (begins on page 32)
MedPage Today (Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania)
Overdiagnosis, Pesky Patient Reviews, More
In Good Health (Magazine)
Empowerment to the People
Prevention Magazine (Australia)
The Rise of the Empowered Patient
US News & World Report
How to Be an Empowered Patient
CNY Central
Patient advocate says St. Joseph’s organ harvesting case is ‘so wrong on so many levels’
Interview: Think, Talk, Laf Radio (Cincinnati)
Patient Advocates and Second Opinions
US News & World Report
5 Tips for a Smooth Doctor’s Visit
Fox Business
Three Reasons to Stay Home When You’re Sick
Redbook Magazine (print only)
How to Score a Doctor’s Appointment – Fast

2012 red line

Nursing News –
Keeping Patients and Visitors from Sharing Too Much
Fox Business
How to Financially Prepare for a Long-Term Medical Treatment
SeacoastOnline (Portsmouth, NH)
Patients Are Urged to Advocate for Themselves
Physician’s Practice
Physicians, Patients and the Internet (Tips for treating patients who search the Internet for health information)
Need a Terrific Doctor? (reprint of Health Magazine article below.)
Health Magazine (March issue)
Need a Terrific Doctor? Here’s how to find one you’ll want to keep forever.
Woman’s Day Magazine (March issue, print only)
6 Things your patient advocate wants you to know (mentions AdvoConnection)
USA Today
Book offers checklists for hospital patients

2011 red line

USA Today
Refuse vaccines and risk dismissal by doctor, plus sidebar: Find a new doctor!
The Best Time to Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment
Surprise! Guess Who’s Viewing Your “Confidential” Medical Records?
Journal of Patient Safety and
The Partnership with Patients: a Call to Action for Leaders
Dayton Daily News
Antioch Program Will Focus on Health Care Collaboration
Fox Business
Self-Diagnosing Online: What You Need to Know
Would Your Doctor Pay for Wasted Time?
Physician’s Practice
Podcast: Dealing with “Problem” Patients
EmpowHER Launches Special Resource Page for Women / National Women’s Health Week
In Good Health
On the Patient’s Side (feature)
Modern Healthcare
Empowering the Patient (Focused on the business of patient advocacy)
Six Steps to Finding the Right Doctor for You
Love, Marriage and Health Insurance
Black Enterprise Magazine
Become an Empowered Patient
Invisible Illness
Three part interview with Susan Bilheimer
Part I
Part II
Part III

2010 red line

Getting Better Healthcare with Dr. Steve Feldman
(Web Talk Radio)
Protecting Patients’ Health Information
The Inspire Q&A
Woman’s Day Magazine
The Importance of a Second Opinion
Scientific American
The Rise of the Empowered Patient
ABC (Australia)
How to Be An Empowered Patient
Empowering Patients – on KPCC, Public Radio for Southern California
Trisha and Elizabeth Cohen Chat About Elizabeth’s book, The Empowered Patient
July – the Worst Month to Be Hospitalized
O Magazine
Someone on Your Side, a new prescription for navigating the medical maze.
USA Today
Your Health: Is a hospital visit in July bad for your well-being?
False Alarm Medical Tests
Talking Technology with Leroy Jones, Jr.
Video from Health 2.0 Conference
Women Speak Radio Show with Dr. Nancy
Amazing Women: Trisha Torrey
Podcast of show
Fed Tech BisNow
Tech Takes on Sickness
Troy (NY) Record
5 Questions for Trisha Torrey
Bottom Line Health News
Medical Tests – No News Is Not Good
US News and World Report
6 Ways for Teenagers to Take Control of Their Health
Center for Connected Health
Take the Fear Out of Patient-Connected Health
Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch
What to do if your child’s doctor is always late
Say What, Doc? (When a doctor fires his patient.)
Bottom Line Health
Health Insurance Battles: Six Tricks that Work
Syracuse Post Standard
Empowering Patients
Blogger in the Spotlight – from NewsTex

2009 red line

Bottom Line Health
Get a Great Deal from Your Doctor
American Chronicle
Healthcare Reform: A Summer Class in Manufacturing Uncertainty
American Chronicle
Hop up on the Table, Honey: Does Good Insurance Guarantee Good Healthcare?
US News and World Report
Crowd Sourcing Care: Getting Medical Advice on the Web from Other Patients
Consumer Reports
Safe Patient Project Share’s Trisha’s Story
Health Leaders’ Media
Educate Patients to Improve Both Patient and Physician Satisfaction
Bottom Line Health
Reducing Radiology Abuse
No To Fakes
Interview about Counterfeit Drugs
Bottom Line Secrets
Pre-Existing Conditions: Are You at Risk for Being Uninsurable?
Sarasota Herald Tribune
Become Your Own Advocate

2008 red line
How to Prevent Medical Identity Theft
Patient Assistance
Providing resources for those who seek help paying for prescription drugs.
Angie’s List
Checking a Doctor’s Board Certification
Torrey Named CNN’s “Hero of Patient Empowerment”
Bottom Line Health Secrets
Drugstore Medical Clinics Scorecard
Choosing a Doctor in the Digital Age

2007 red line

Trisha Torrey Launches as’s Expert in Patient Empowerment
Wall Street Journal
Your Doctor’s Business Ties Are Your Business, Too
CNN’s Empowered Patient Tells Trisha’s Misdiagnosis Story
Find More Information Here

2006 red line

Torrey interviewed for FOX’s Ask Dr. Manny
HealthLink on Air Radio Launches; Torrey to Host
TIME Magazine prints Torrey letter